ICMMPM2023 Keynote Speakers & Invited Speakers!

Prof. Dong-Won Jung, Jeju National University, South Korea

Professor Dong-Won Jung works in the School of Mechanical Engineering, at Jeju National University, South Korea. Professor Jung's research efforts have been in the areas of constitutive modeling at hot working conditions; cold- and hot-roll forming; incremental sheet forming; cold and hot stamping; computational modeling for metal forming applications; formability in sheet metal forming; friction stir welding.
He serves as a reviewer of plenty of Journals, such as KSME (Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers), KSPE (Korean Society for Precision Engineering), KSTP(Korean Society for Technology of Plasticity), KSAE(Korean Society for Automobile Engineers), Journal of Ocean Engineering and Technology, Journal of Korea Society for Power System Engineering, the Korean Journal of CAE, etc. He also has a lot of publications and academic conference experiences.

Prof. Manoj GUPTA, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Dr Manoj Gupta was a former Head of Materials Division of the Mechanical Engineering Department and Director designate of Materials Science and Engineering Initiative at NUS, Singapore. He did his Ph.D. from University of California, Irvine, USA (1992), and postdoctoral research at University of Alberta, Canada (1992). He is currently among top 0.6% researchers as per Stanford’ List, among Top 1% Scientist of the World Position by The Universal Scientific Education and Research Network and among 1% among scientists as per ResearchGate. His international rank among Materials Researchers in World is currently at 1305. To his credit are: (i) Disintegrated Melt Deposition technique and (ii) Hybrid Microwave Sintering technique, an energy efficient solid-state processing method to synthesize alloys/micro/nanocomposites. He has published over 650 peer reviewed journal papers and owns two US patents and two Trade Secrets. His current h-index is 79, citations greater than 23500 and reads greater than 100,000 (Research Gate). He has also co-authored eight books, published by John Wiley, Springer and MRF - USA. He is Editor-in-chief/Editor of twelve international peer reviewed journals. A multiple award winner, he actively collaborate/visit Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, China, USA and India as a visiting researcher, professor and chair professor.

Prof. Dr. Osman Adiguzel,Firat University, Elazig, Turkey
Speech Title: Diffusionless Phase Transformations and Twinning Reactions Governing Reversibility in Shape Memory Alloys

Dr. Osman Adiguzel graduated from Department of Physics, Ankara University, Turkey in 1974 and received PhD- degree from Dicle University, Diyarbakir-Turkey. He studied at Surrey University, Guildford, UK, as a post doctoral research scientist in 1986-1987, and his studies focused on shape memory alloys. He worked as research assistant, 1975-80, at Dicle University and shifted to Firat University in 1980. He became professor in 1996, and he has been retired due to the age limit of 67; following academic life of 45 years.
He published over 60 papers in international and national journals; He joined over 100 conferences and symposia in international and national level as Plenary Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Invited speaker, speaker or Poster presenter. He served the program chair or conference chair/co-chair in some of these activities. In particular, he joined in last six years (2014 - 2019) over 60 conferences as Speaker, Keynote Speaker and Conference Co-Chair organized by different companies in different countries.
Additionally, he retired at the end of November 2019, and contributed with Keynote/Plenary Speeches to 11 Virtual/Webinar Conferences in the first year of his retirement, 2020.
Dr. Adiguzel served his directorate of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Firat University in 1999-2004. He supervised 5 PhD- theses and 3 M.Sc theses. He is also Technical committee member of many conferences. He received a certificate which is being awarded to him and his experimental group in recognition of significant contribution of 2 patterns to the Powder Diffraction File – Release 2000. The ICDD (International Centre for Diffraction Data) also appreciates cooperation of his group and interest in Powder Diffraction File.
Scientific fields of Dr. Adiguzel: Shape memory effect and displacive phase transformations in shape memory alloys and other alloys, molecular dynamics simulations, alloy modeling, electron microscopy, electron diffraction, x-ray diffraction and crystallography.

Prof. Laichang Zhang,School of Engineering, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia
Speech Title: Laser powder bed fusion of Ti-35Nb alloy: effect of powder characteristics

Prof Laichang Zhang was awarded his PhD of Materials Engineering at the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Laichang is currently a Professor of Materials Engineering and Program Leader Mechanical Engineering in the School of Engineering. Prior to joining the Edith Cowan University, Dr Zhang has worked at The University of Western Australia (Perth, Australia) in 2009-2012, University of Wollongong (Wollongong, Australia) in 2007-2009, Leibniz-Institute for Solid State and Materials Research (IFW) Dresden (Dresden, Germany) in 2006-2007 and Darmstadt University of Technology (Darmstadt, Germany) in 2005-2006.

Prof. Zhang has considerable expertise and extensive cross-disciplinary research activities in advanced manufacturing of different types of materials (including nanocrystalline / ultrafine-grained materials, bulk metallic glasses, biomaterials, and high-strength steels) and the understanding of their processing, microstructure and properties (e.g. mechanical properties, fatigue properties, corrosion behavior and catalytic performance). Laichang has extensively contributed to a number of research grants supported by Australian Research Council, European Union, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Laichang has been serving as Editorial Board Members for many prestigious academic journals such as Advanced Engineering Materials, Materials Science and Technology, Metals, Heliyon and so on. He also has good links to industry both for teaching and research.



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatma Tugce DUMANLI, Nisantasi University, Turkey

Dr. Fatma Tugce SENBERBER DUMANLI graduated from PhD (2016) in Chemical Engineering Department at Yildiz Technical University, Turkey. She is an Associate Professor at Nisantasi University, Turkey. Her research interests and expertise include the areas of material chemistry; nanotechnology; boron technologies; adsorption on wastewater; reaction kinetic modelling; and characterization. She also has a lot of publications and academic conference experiences.

Assoc. Prof. Andi Su, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
Speech Title: Structural performance and design of S960 ultra-high strength steel welded I-section members

Andi Su is Asscociate Professor of Structural Engineering in the School of Civil Engineering at Harbin Institute of Technology, China. He is engaged in teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, industry training and specialist advisory work.

Andi Su's principal research interests lie in the areas of structural testing, numerical modelling and the development of design methods for steel structures, in respect of which he has published over 15 technical papers, with all of them being JCR Q1 journal papers. Some of his research outputs have been incorporated into EN 1993-1-12 and EN 1993-1-4. He is the Guest Editor of Special Issues of the internation journal 'Buildings' . He serves as the committees member of several industry specifications. As the principal investigator, Dr Andi Su has been involved in three research projects until Dec 2022. Dr Andi Su was awarded the Distinction certificate at University College London in 2017 and NTU Research Scholarship (fully funded by Ministry of Education, Singapore) in 2018 and was selected to the Youth Top Talent Programme at HIT in 2021.

Asst. Prof. lbrahim Sabry lbrahim Mahmoud, Benha University, Egypt

Ibrahim Sabry is Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department at faculty of Engineering, Benha, Egypt. He obtained his bachelor's degree and M.Sc. from Menofia University, Egypt. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Tanta University in 2017. His area of expertise is welding technology, friction stir welding, metal inert gas welding, manufacturing processes, corrosion, statistical approaches, and materials science. He has published over 60 technical papers, with all of them being JCR Q1 and Q2 journal papers.

Prof. Zhenyu Sun, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China

Dr. Zhenyu Sun holds a position of Professor at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China. He has completed his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Postdoctoral Fellow in Analytical Chemistry from Center for Electrochemical Sciences (CES), Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, University of Oxford, UK and Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Zhenyu Sun has co-authored 74 peer reviewed papers in international journals such as Nature Nanotechnology, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Advanced Energy Materials from 2004 to date and also an inventor on 2 patents. Dr. Zhenyu received honors includes Alexander Humboldt Fellowship for Experienced Researcher, and Chinese Researcher Representative Award for the attendance of the 56th Nobel Laureate Conference in Chemistry held in Lindau, Germany. His main area of research interest focuses on Physical Chemistry of Carbon Nanostructures (carbon nanotubes and graphene) involving their Exfoliation, Dispersion and Fictionalization, and controlled synthesis and rational design of Carbon Nanostructure supported catalysts through new schemes for heterogeneous catalysis (i.e. CO2 hydrogenation) and electro catalysis (i.e. CO2 electrochemical reduction) as well as the fundamental understanding of reaction mechanism.

Dr. Yang Liu, Imperial College London, UK

Dr. Yang Liu is a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Materials at Imperial College London. His research is focused on understanding the failure mechanism of metallic materials using crystal plasticity modelling methods, combined with experimental observation. The applications include the forming limit of rate sensitive aluminum alloy and TWIP-TRIP Medium manganese steel, fatigue crack nucleation in titanium alloy, and delayed hydride cracking in zirconium alloy.

Dr. Soufiane Haddout, Ibn Tofail University, Morocco
Speech Title:Numerical Investigation of the Aerodynamic and Thermal Behavior of a Flow Around the Blades of an Axial Gas Turbine

Dr., S. Haddout is researcher in the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Ibn Tofail University, Morocco. To date, he is the Author/Editor of 3 books, 2 submitted books, published more than 60 refereed journal articles with 40 refereed articles as the first; is involved in collaborative research with 22 universities/institutions worldwide; expert reviewer with AEIC-Academic Exchange Information Centre (China); and reviewer for many project proposals from international universities; received more than 100 certificates from international conference and renowned journals; Keynote/invited speaker for many international conferences. Award-2020, 2021 and 2022; A member of several international conferences: Best Research Awards (i.e., Thermodynamic in estuaries; and Water shortages and pandemics in Africa, and Bi-variate and CM plotting of the Sediment Dynamic Process in the estuaries)-International Research Awards, Iceat conference…etc. Co-Chair of the scientific session of the International Conference of Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation USA; Lead-Chair of the 1st and 2nd International Conference on Climate Change and Ocean Renewable Energy (CCORE 2022-2023); Coordinator of the 1st International Round Table Webinar on A Multi-criteria decision making tool for the management of water bodies in developing countries towards climate change resilience. Chair of the scientific session of the 16th International Conference on Computer and Electrical Engineering (ICCEE 2023) and is a Guest Editor of Regional Studies in Marine Science, Journal of Environmental Management, Elsevier and active reviewer of reputed journals of Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Springer, Wiley, MDPI, Nature…etc.