Call for Papers

Prospective authors for technical sessions should submit a paper for consideration. The prescribed format for the paper will be shown on the official website ( Submitted papers will be screened on the content and merit of papers. We would also like to invite colleagues new to these fields to participate in this conference.

We welcome papers covering all aspects of metal material processes and manufacturing with example topics including but not limited to the following:

T1: Metal Alloy Materials

T2: New Materials and Properties

T3: Metallurgical Foundation and Technology

T4: Manufacturing Engineering

Metal forming technology
Fashioning metal parts and objects
Commercial metal forming
Metallic elements and their intermetallic compounds
Technology of metals
Production of metals
Metal alloy Materials
Metal Processing
Properties and tests of metallic materials

Electronic Materials
(New) Functional Materials
Membrane Separation Materials
New Materials and Performances
Optical Material
Polymetric Materials
Smart Materials
Biomedical Materials
Carbon based Materials
Composite Materials
High Performance Materials
New Energy Materials
Green Materials
Energy and Environmental Materials
Superhard material
Micro/Nano/Bio Materials
Hybrid Optical materials (organic/inorganic)
Advanced Textile Materials
Magnetic Materials

Forming processes
Machining processes
Sheet metal forming
Plastic deformation
Combined tensile and compressive forming
Rolling, extrusion, die forming, forging, indenting
Thermal spraying
Ferrous metallurgy
Laser Processing
Welding & Joining
Coating technology
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Manufacturing system and simulation
Cellular manufacturing
Manufacturing Systems and Equipment
Metallurgical Fundamentals and Techniques
High Strength Alloys
Powder Metallurgy
Severe Plastic Deformation

Precision Manufacturing and Measurement
Flexible Manufacturing Technology and System
Green Manufacturing
Sustainable Production
Recycling and Remanufacturing
Rapid Prototyping
Welding & Joining
Reverse Engineering
Concurrent Engineering
Integrated Manufacturing System
Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes
Measurement and monitoring of manufacturing process
Industrial Engineering
Product Design and Development
Industrial Tribology
Modeling of Processes
Optimization of Systems