Conference Venue: JeJu National University, Jeju Island, South Korea

Adress: 102 Jejudaehak-ro, Special Self-Governing Province, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea


About Jeju Island

Jeju Island known as a place of fantasy or mystery is the largest island in Korea and is located in the southwest sea of the Korean peninsula and is highlighted for its uniqueness. The size of Jeju Island is 73km from east to west, 41Km from north to south in the shape of an oval. The island has an area of 1,845km2 with a circuit road of 182km along the seashores. It has a convenient traffic situation thanks to the several transversal roads and many other small and large roads and its population is about 530,000. Various kinds of plants from polar plants to subtropical plants are distributed making a treasure house of about 1,800 kinds of plants. It holds rich underground resources, and every kind of fish and corals in the clean blue sea area. Jeju Island is a tourist resort (with no other industry) with all conditions for a resort area. The many guests visiting this blessed island from many states have helped to make it an international tourist resort.